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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Vote Undo Mone - official video

dedicated to all those 24lakh new voters in kerala !!
this is the parody version of the song 'Kattu Mooliyo' - Om Shanti Oshana & 'this election track'  all about the present political conditions & upcoming parliament elections in India.
We made this song for all those Young Bloods, who will decide their leaders, this election.
All the views & opinions mentioned are not intended to hurt others feelings.Our team consists of amateurs, not professionals.We made this video in a restricted budget.Hope you all will Support our crew.
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credits -
cameo appearences from - Ramees Najeeb, Ananth P Mohan, Nikhil Joji, Vishnu MP
singers - Fejo, Akhilesh Rajan
camera - FST, Sreehari Shaji
lyrics - Febin Joseph
production & distribution - Fejo Studio Tenet
editing - FST

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© FST 2014

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